We are going to go over the importance of grinding a great espresso today. Coffee beans are important, but not as important as the coffee grinder and its settings!

You have greater control over how your coffee beans are ground and how long they are stored after grinding your own beans at home. 

Espresso is best made with freshly ground coffee beans, which you can do at home. Although there is a wide variety of grinders on the market, it can be difficult to pick the right one. The choice can be overwhelming.

Let us offer you five great options if you’re struggling to find the best espresso grinder. Here are our reviews!

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

  • Stainless Steel conical burrs
  • 60 precise grind settings
  • 16oz coffee bean capacity

This is by far the most versatile grinder on our list, as it offers 60 grind settings. With so many options for grinding coffee, it should be easy for you to blend your espresso to your preferred fineness. 

Smart Grinder Pro provides the option of adjusting your grinding time in 0.2-second increments, which is also interesting. The amount of coffee you desire can be adjusted so precisely, so you can expect it to deliver exactly what you want.

Aside from that, the Smart Grinder Pro model features a large 16-ounce bean cup, which is excellent for use both in a single cup for yourself as well as in multiple cups for your guests.

Listed on the LCD screen are the time, fineness, and number of cups to be ground, as well as the settings you selected.

If you don’t have a portafilter, you can grind coffee into any container you choose with the Smart Grinder Pro.

What are its disadvantages? The Smart Grinder Pro certainly seems like a good grinder, but what are its downsides? Here’s what you need to know.

Several people have complained about this product wearing out within a year of purchase, especially the impeller below the burrs. In the event that this happens to you on a newer unit, you can send the machine to Breville for repair or try to find an impeller yourself.

We highly recommend you buy this coffee grinder since it is easily one of the best grinders on the market today.


  • Offers 60 different grinding options.
  • High-quality grinding.
  • Easily adjusts the amount of coffee that’s ground.
  • Directly grinds into a portafilter.
  • The cup holds 16 ounces of coffee.


  • There is a delicate impeller.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

  • Equipped with over 18 manual grind settings 
  • No batteries or long Cords needed to operate
  • 5x’s longer than comparable stainless steel burrs

JavaPresse’s burr grinder could make a good choice for you if you like grinding coffee manually. 

Manual ones are ideal for people who are just as concerned about the preparation as with the consumption of coffee.

JavaPresse’s manual grinder has many advantages over its electric counterparts – it’s nearly noiseless, requires no electricity, and isn’t maintained by motors. The downside of this grinder is that you must grind coffee by hand, so it could take a half hour to grind coffee for four people.

However, it’s still one of the best choices for espresso. 

This grinder seems to have more than enough fineness settings for good espresso, although not quite as good as the Breville grinder.

Additionally, it produces very little heat, so you may want to choose the JavaPresse coffee grinder if you’re worried about heat affecting the taste of your coffee beans or espresso.

The build quality appears to be good for a manual grinder. However, some of the plastic parts may soon wear out. But the blades of this blade cutter are made of stainless steel, which should last for a long time.


  • Very affordable.
  • 18 settings to select from.
  • It runs very quietly and is very cool.
  • Neither batteries nor motors need to be maintained.


  • The grinder is very slow.

 KRUPS F203 Espresso Grinder

  • Oval blade shape for uniform grinding
  • Large grinding capacity 
  • Lid activated safety switch

For those who are not too demanding when it comes to espresso, the KRUPS F203 blade grinder is a great option. Compared to the electric grinders we’ve seen so far, this grinder is far less powerful, but it’s a great deal cheaper as well.

Although it won’t produce a consistent grind as a burr grinder, the F203 will do the job fine. Additionally, there is no fineness adjustment on this grinder. This grinder only has one way to adjust its fineness: it takes longer to grind finer when it is left running.

However, if simplicity is what appeals to you, then you will probably enjoy using this coffee grinder because you can just put some coffee beans in, close the lid, and turn it on until it reaches the desired fineness.

A capacity of 3 ounces makes it possible to prepare a large amount of coffee in one go. It is claimed to be able to prepare up to 12 cups, depending on the size of your cup.

The lid-activated safety switch in the F203 is notable – it will not function unless the lid is open. An accident is therefore unlikely.

Ideally, if you have an easy time satisfying your caffeine cravings, then this grinder could be the perfect match for your espresso needs.


  • Affordable.
  • Safety switch that is activated when the lid is closed.
  • Ensures a quick grind.


  • Limited fineness adjustment. 
  • Lack of consistency in grinding.

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